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Dr. Schmitt is the first chiropractor that I had ever been to. I had gone to my primary care doctor four times over the course of a few months complaining of shooting pain through my shoulder into my head. She tried to prescribe tension headache pills but I knew that wasn’t it. She also explained that “we are not wired in such a way that I could possibly be feeling the pain that I was describing”. The pain was getting worse. My husband asked the owner of his gym for a referral of a good chiropractor for pinched nerve / muscle-related pain. I kept thinking I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder that radiated into my head. After only one visit, Dr. Schmitt completely eliminated the pain in my shoulder; however, the pain spikes in my head persisted. Within one more visit, he was discussing having an MRI and consulting with a neurosurgeon. The pain increased and by the third visit, I had an MRI. A huge brain tumor was found. It was still very operable and was successfully removed. Dr. Schmitt took the time to understand my pain and get me the treatment I needed very quickly. I was so impressed! I have also had Dr. Schmitt administer dry needling to areas where my muscles have become super tight. There are some side effects for a day or two which included (for me) aches and mild nausea. However, the effects of the treatment lasted for a very long time.

Carolyn Descoteaux
4 years ago

Dr. Brad listens to you and identifies the problem. He does a great job and I will go back.

Blaine Hellman
2 years ago

Dr. Schmitt provided me outstanding pain relief techniques, without medication. I have nothing but respect for him and confidence in his ability to provide me with excellent care.

James P.
3 years ago

Since my fall 3 years ago, I haven’t been able to sit for longer than about 40 min. without intense, excruciating pain shooting into my right leg. With my parents living 3 hours away, my trips to visit have been minimal. With my father’s failing health, I had to do something, so I sought out Schmitt Chiropractic & Rehab for help. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made in my life. The reduction in pain has made it possible for me to visit my parents more often and work without pain meds for most of the day. I never thought it was possible. The techniques he uses have also made other issues I have suffered from for years disappear. I’ve tried everything — i.e., physical therapy, proper exercise, healthy eating, yoga and Pilates stretching, cortisone injections — nothing has made this much difference. I am so grateful for the difference SC&R, PC has made in my life.

Debra Maxfield
4 years ago

Dr. Schmitt’s treatment has kept me running ultra marathons successfully for the past year. In the past, if I did speed work or ran too many miles I would be out for weeks. Now with regular active release therapy treatments, I’m able to run back to back ultra marathons and recover quickly after each one. He’s also friendly, prompt, and flexible!

Angie Hodge
4 years ago

Dr. Schmitt has helped me with my IT band and hip issues so much this summer while I have been training for my half Ironman! Without the dry needling I wouldn’t have made it through my race! I also appreciate that they are very flexible with my crazy schedule and always are able to fit me in! Thank you!!!!

Bethany Koubsky
3 years ago

Brad’s done a terrific job of keeping me in stride. His ART therapy kept my knees and feet in tip-top shape through the rigors of marathon training this past year. His work is terrific and he runs a very honest business that’s always focused on the patient’s best interest. Highly recommend.

Matt Atchison
4 years ago

Dr. Schmitt is great to work with and adjusts to my needs. He listens to me and continually helps me feel better. My back pain has gone down considerably since I have seen him. Very easy to talk with and no ‘extra’ upsell. Great place!

Addie Hollingsworth
3 years ago

I struggled for years with chronic back pain. I am very thankful for Dr. Schmitt’s expertise. The dry needling technique has improved my daily life drastically. He runs a very honest and professional practice. I definitely recommend him!

Ronna Zegers
2 years ago

I have been regularly seeing Dr. Brad for a few years now. He has helped me to keep chronic stress headaches at bay. He always listens to what is going on with my body and offers helpful treatments that really work. If you are looking for a compassionate chiropractor, Dr. Brad is the best choice!

Susan Reff
2 years ago

Brad is absolutely THE most wonderful chiropractor in our area! He cares about what’s best for his patients and takes his time with you each and every appointment. His knowledge and care is 5 stars!!!!

Annie Thompson
A year ago

Brad has made a huge difference for me. Dry needling has really been able to help me keep my workouts intense like I like. I have referred many people to him and they are also very pleased. He takes his time and doesn’t ‘push’ people through. He is not the type of chiropractor who sets you up to keep coming back for weeks or months. He uses several methods which is a big plus as well: typical chiro adjustment, dry needling, and active release. I highly recommend!

Theresa Nordstrom
2 years ago

I have been visiting Brad for about a year now and am greatly pleased with the services he provides. From manual adjustments and stretching to dry needling and use of Active Release Therapy (ART) and Graston techniques, Brad’s attentiveness to what I require for recovery, repair, and injury prevention have kept me on a steady path to better health. After visiting other chiropractors in the area, I have no reservations with saying that Brad is the best around! In addition, his staff is both prompt and courteous, always taking the time to work with my hectic schedule to ensure that my chiropractic needs are met. Go see him today!

John W.
2 years ago

I can’t say enough positive things about Brad and Schmitt Chiropractic!! I’m greeted with a smile and a hello from the receptionist every time I visit. I’ve had such a good experience that my whole family receives treatment from Brad (my wife, 2.5 year old, and 6-month old). Give him a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Brian Gniadek
A year ago

Dr. Schmitt did an amazing job treating my torn quad with dry needling and graston treatment. It significantly reduced my pain level. I would highly recommend him!

Ken Hinsdale
10 months ago

Dr. Schmitt is truly a healing professional and he uses new treatment strategies that have helped me deal with my pains!

Kvn Lo
3 years ago

Excellent service! Now I can finally sleep.Thank you!

Fiorella Villanueva
November 20, 2013

The caring stuff is wonderful, and dry needling has sure helped with my hamstring injury. Thank you.

Joy Mann
June 9, 2017

Brad has done wonders for me since I’ve started coming to him, so flexible and understanding. Highly recommend seeing him!

Jordan West
October 3, 2016

Caring and kind... even when he’s sticking dry needles in your calves or adjusting your neck. I don’t go regularly and he doesn’t do needless procedures; only when needed. He’s very flexible and accommodating for people with busy schedules. I’ve tried about 10 chiropractors in the last 10 years and he’s the best.

Jody Green
June 9, 2017

A huge thank you to Dr. Brad Schmitt at Schmitt Chiropractic & Rehab! Thanks to Dr. Brad, dry needling, and his expert chiropractic care, I am in good hands to stay healthy, strong, injury free, and ready to run 190 miles in less than 18 weeks!

Vanessa Urbach
Rehabilitation Patient

Our rehabilitation with Dr. Schmitt has greatly helped our daughter and her injury from Softball. She is now back on the field and doing great. Thank you, Brad!

Jenny Kimber
Sports Rehab Patient
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