Continuing Care

What It Is

Continuing Care can also be referred to as maintenance care or wellness care. Many patients choose to continue care after their pain/condition has either resolved or it has reached a maximum level of improvement. They will do this in order to manage chronic pain and either limit or eliminate the need for narcotics, or for the simple reason of wanting to remain feeling good. Many patients choose to come back once they know what it feels like to be pain free and function better.

Another Kind of Care

Chiropractic care, and conservative care of any kind, does not work like the medical model. With the medical model, you go to the doctor and expect a pill or a surgery to “fix” the problem or help manage symptoms. While there are times that is necessary, chiropractic care does not work like that.

The Goal

As a society, we are trained to think that one visit will fix my problem and it should never come back. Or, if I don’t feel better after one visit, that option didn’t work. Chiropractic and conservative therapy as a whole aims to restore function, remove interference, and optimize performance. By doing this, it does help eliminate or reduce pain. However, work and life are hard on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. These repetitive day-to-day stresses ultimately lead to most of our dysfunction and pain, and those stresses don’t go away.

A Helpful Comparison

Chiropractic care works similar to exercise or going to see a dentist. The question is never asked, “If I spend this month getting into shape, will I have to keep exercising to stay in shape?” While that seems like a ridiculous question to ask, it only seems that way because most of us are educated on how exercise works. Although the comparison isn’t perfect, that is how our body and spine function, recover, and stay healthy as well.

What Works for You

We want you to be comfortable with your care, and you are the one that is in control of your care. While some people choose to keep coming back, not every patient decides that is best for them, and we are happy to work with you and help you get what you want out of the treatment.