Functional Rehabilitation

What Is Functional Rehab?

Functional Rehab refers to a functional approach to exercises and treatment in general. The treatment given, along with the rehab or physical therapy exercises given, aim to translate to daily life. For example, a functional exercise to rehab knee pain caused by weakness would be lunges or squats, as opposed to a knee extension machine. When you move throughout the day, your feet are on the ground, and doing exercises that duplicate this will yield better results.

Tailored Treatment

There are many factors that go into exercise selection and the example above may or may not be right for everybody. However, the goal with our rehab is to make everything functional so it translates to your movements throughout your day. Whether you are an athlete with shoulder pain from throwing, or low back pain from golfing, or an older patient who has trouble getting up and down, we tailor our treatment and exercises to fit your needs.